B Bar Ranch Sold


Foard County, Texas

640 acres

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Property Overview

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a great whitetail hunting property, private and turn key! It is wedged in between large neighbors, with 2 miles along its east and south borders joining the 550,000 acre W. T. Waggoner Estate Ranch, one mile along its west border joining a 4,500 acre cattle ranch, and on its north side a 640 acre section. The majority of the B Bar is dense brush, with senderos cut that lead to food plots and water basins, and some cleared pasture. Creek draws, excellent fences, and a deer camp with utilities round out this already unique property.


The ranch is in Foard County, approximately four miles west of the Wilbarger and Baylor County lines. Driving times from nearby cities are as follows (estimated):

– Crowell, TX: 15 minutes (feed store, groceries, fuel)
– Vernon, TX: 30 minutes (Walmart, county airport with 5099′ runway)
– Lubbock, TX: 2.5 hours (via Highway 70 or Highway 114)
– DFW metroplex: 3-3.5 hours (via Highway 287 or Highway 114)
– Oklahoma City, OK: 3.5 hours

The ranch is just a few miles north of the Wichita River valley and is accessed by a deeded easement from a paved public road, along the fence of an adjacent neighbor to the ranch entrance (see RANCH MAPS). The easement has a good road in place, so access is easy to and from the property, while at the same time maintaining the ranch’s privacy.


The biggest asset to the hunting here is it bordering the Waggoner Ranch on two of its four sides, for two miles of complete protection. This historic 550,000 acre ranch is the largest ranch under one fence in the state of Texas and is the main place where whitetails were first introduced to this area. This large neighbor is not commercially hunted, and therefore, provides a safe haven and breeding place for game. The B Bar directly benefits from this, as is evidenced by the strong numbers of deer that bed down here, as well as travel through it. You can’t hardly drive through the ranch without moving deer around or jumping them in the pastures!

One the other side of the B Bar is a 4,500 acre old family ranch, which is used primarily to graze cattle. It is hunted lightly, by very management conscious long term tenants. Same is the 640 acre section on the north border, which is locally owned and operated; there is little to no hunting pressure anywhere in this area. Most of the nearby properties are large acreage too, including the 20,000 acre Montgomery Ranch.

Three specific food plots have been constructed over the last several years; these plots are 3.7, 7.8, and 9.2 acres in size. After they were cleared and cultivated, winter wheat was sewed in them year after year to provide winter nutrition for the deer. Spin feeders in the plots provide corn supplement too. Each plot is fenced off separately by a barbed wire fence, so that you can grow the plots and/or run feeders without disturbance from livestock. The soils here are a sandy/clay mix and could grow sudan, oats, sunflowers, or other small grain crops. The fenced plots create a perfect place to set up protein feeders too, if desired. Each food plot comes with a deer stand and feeder in place.

Native bucks in this area can grow into the 170-180 class range; 150 class deer are common year after year on the property. There is great potential here, through supplemental feeding and culling, to consistently produce some real monsters, since the hunting pressure is so incredibly light and the mix of cover and open pasture is perfect.

Other wildlife includes Rio Grande turkey, which roost in the hardwoods trees in the southeast corner of the property, some bobwhite quail, feral hog, javelina, bobcat, badger, coyote, and mourning dove. The row of large basins off the creek could be developed to promote waterfowl hunting on the ranch, as some migratory ducks already visit the ranch’s water tanks. Geese routinely fly over the ranch during early winter too.


The property has a total of five water tanks, which includes four large reservoirs and one spring-fed tank. The four reservoirs were built along the south drainage and are approximately 2.5, 3.7, 3.3, and 1.2 acres in size. When one fills up, it sends water on to the next one. On a normal year, these tanks will create over TEN acres of surface water on this side of the ranch. On an average year, it takes about a 3-4″ rain to fill them up. A person could also break some of the dams and run them together to form one large lake too, which would be fed by two different drainages.

By the deer camp, a 1.6 acre spring-fed water tank sits, which holds water year around. The tank was dug in the late 1960s, and at around 15′, a gushing spring was hit, which immediately filled the basin. This tank has never gone dry since; even in the drought of 2011 it held water all year long, with cattle on it. It is stocked with bass and catfish, that provide additional recreation. You can also sit at the camp porch and watch deer and hogs come to water at it as well, since the tank is only a hundred yards or so from the camp.

Three main creek washes run through the pastures, which provide locations to build other water tanks. These drainages all feed the South Fork of Beaver Creek, which runs just a few hundred yards east of the ranch. Two concrete culverts have been installed on the ranch roads to prevent washouts over two of these drainages. A community water line was ran to the deer camp, and there are several notable springs in the pastures.


The pastures are primarily flat, with dense mesquite brush across them. Over six miles of interior roads provide easy access through the property. Very little prickly pear is here. Hardwoods, such as hackberry, chinaberry, and willow, line the creek bottoms. The southeast corner of the property has some very thick tree motts that provide turkey roosts and excellent bow hunting areas. Some of the trees are over 30′ tall and create pretty wooded groves in the pastures.

The ranch has a good stand of native grasses. Over the years, lanes through the pastures have been grubbed to promote wildlife traffic and increase the grazing capacity. Some of these lanes are 100 yards wide, while others are only 20′ across. They help channel deer to the water sources and food plots on the ranch. Additionally, they could be further cleared and sewn in wheat to create even more nutrition for wildlife.


The B Bar is divided into two large pastures, approximately 300 and 340 acres in size. There are roughly 6.5 miles of fences, all of which are in excellent condition, with barbed wire, metal T-posts, and piped corners. All of the entrance and pasture gates are metal; two of food plot gates are wire, and the third has metal gates. On an average year, the ranch will sustain 20 cow/calf pairs. With such strong fences and the large pastures, it would work well for a seasonal stocker operation as well.

A neighbor is currently running cattle on the ranch, in exchange for grading roads, filling feeders, and sewing the food plots. The cattle are pulled off at the end of the growing season in early Fall, so they are not in the way during deer hunting season. The cattle are rotated across the ranch pastures every few months, along with his own property and other leased land, so the grasses are never overgrazed. While this lease agreement is optional for a new owner, it does provide an easy way to maintain the ranch from a distance, so you can just show up and enjoy the property.


Located at the far east side of the ranch is a deer camp, with utilities and a 2004 Sprinter camping trailer. To protect the trailer, a tall 40′ by 40′ metal carport was built to house it. There is a game-cleaning rack, with several hangers on pulleys. Halogen lights are inside the carport to light up the deer camp at night, and large flood lights are mounted on the outside to shine on the pasture towards the spring-fed tank. The carport is large enough to park another trailer if desired, or a pickup truck, ATV, etc.

The trailer is very spacious, with a full size bed, four bunk bed cots, a small dining table with bench seats, sofa, bathroom with toilet and shower, and a kitchen with microwave, gas stove, oven, refrigerator, and small freezer. Lots of cabinets provide storage for clothes and linens. The trailer has a septic tank for the waste, and it is wired for satellite TV as well.

The carport is made of pipe and sheet metal and could be enclosed to create a large ranch lodge, if desired. It would be tall enough to put a loft in it. This vision was in mind when the carport was originally built, and the wiring, breaker boxes, and septic system were all installed to accommodate such a living facility in the future.


Seller is unsure of his exact percentage of mineral rights owned, but will split whatever minerals are owned 50/50 with a buyer. All other property rights (wind, water, etc) will transfer in tact, with no reservations.


$1075/acre (reduced from $1200/acre)


It is rare enough to find a hunting property that joins the historic Waggoner Ranch, but even more so one that joins it on two of its sides! For more information or to set up a private tour of the B Bar Ranch, please call owner/agent Beau Byars at cell phone (940) 224-3183.

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General Information

  • Sold
  • February, 2013
  • $688,000
  • 640 acres
  • $1,075
  • Hunting
  • Easement
  • Thalia
  • Texas
  • Foard


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