North Texas River Ranch Sold


Clay County, Texas

315 acres

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Property Overview

This north Texas ranch is an absolutely beautiful property, with natural water features, terrain changes, trophy wildlife, and productive agriculture. The seller will convey all owned mineral rights as well, adding further value to this already well priced tract of land.


The property is located in northeast Clay County on the Red River, about 10 miles north of Henrietta. Taking Highway 287, it is roughly two hours from either Dallas or Fort Worth. The ranch is in the old Stanfield community, promoted for its excellent deer genetics. It has good access off of the paved County Road 2332, but this road only touches the ranch on its southwest corner where the main entrance is, so it remains very private.


This ranch has several distinct water features, which compliment both wildlife development and livestock grazing. Along the north border, the ranch follows the Red River for a half a mile, providing year around access to live water and a large sandy beach, for camping out, playing volleyball, etc. The Red River valley is known for its excellent deer hunting and is a flyway for migrating birds and waterfowl. The river is also home to catfish.

A deep seasonal creek runs diagonally across the ranch as well. This creek is lined by tall hardwood trees the whole way and has a rocky bottom to it. Several wooded draws feed the creek, and these draws have natural springs all through out them, which merge into a small stream and run down to the creek bottom. Game tracks are up and down this area, testifying to the benefit it serves the native wildlife.

Other water features include two large tanks, both with strong dams. The southern most tank holds water year around and is stocked with redfish. It covers roughly an acre on its surface. The other covers about a half an acre and was constructed a couple of years ago. While it is situated on a good catch, the ground is very sandy and has never held water consistently. It has a very high dam on it, but probably needs some mud hauled in or a liner installed to complete it.


The land has several broad hills going across it, creating some 100′ of elevation change. The ranch is approximately 50% woods and 50% farm fields. The fields are primarily flat, while the wooded pastures are rolling. There are two farm fields, 81 and 65 acres in size. The soils are fertile sandy loam ground, capable of growing grain crops, cotton, or hay. The current owner has been using them for wheat production and cut an average of 28 bushels last year. A neighboring farmer rents the cultivation on a share crop basis and seasonally runs cattle in the pasture in exchange for shredding roads and light maintenance of the place.

The ranch is full of vegetation, native grasses are thick across the whole property. A variety of hardwood trees compliments the changing landscape colors year around. Native pecan trees are probably the most notable, in addition to post oak, elm, locust, willow, hackberry, chinaberry, “Christmas” cedars, and a few mesquites. Some of these trees are 30′ tall along the creek and river.

The southern half of the ranch has some open grass pastures and private meadows, perfect for staging wildlife, while the northern river bottom is extremely dense, full of towering trees and thick underbrush. Wild plum thickets and grape vines will be found on the ranch too.


As stated above, the ranch is in the Stanfield area of Clay County, which has produced record bucks for years. In December 2005, a monster 34 point non-typical whitetail was taken on the neighboring ranch to the east. This buck had a net B & C score of 227 and 5/8ths and placed fourth all time in the Texas Big Game awards that year. The newspaper article detailing the story states: “…the genetics in this area are ‘fantastic’ for producing large deer…after he shot his winning buck last year, he photographed one that would have scored at least 190 point for a typical rack” (see Clay County Leader 1/12/06 article in PICTURES).

The current owner states he has consistently seen quality deer on the property, with strong numbers of bucks and does each year. The two wheat fields provide the winter feed deer seek, and the woods and creek bottom, protection. Coupled with multiple sources of water, deer have virtually everything they need here to thrive.

Additional wildlife on the ranch includes Rio Grande turkey, feral hog, bobcat, coyote, and dove. Each hunting season provides ample sporting opportunities. Plus, you can fish both the river and the water tank.


As stated above, the ranch has a farming tenant in place, which provides some income to the owner and helps keep the place maintained. If a person wanted to run the property themselves, it would work well as a cow calf operation, as the native pastures have good grasses and the wheat provides winter grazing. The ranch is capable of sustaining 30 pairs annually. All of the fences are five-line barbed wire and are in excellent shape. An iron set of working pens is on site too.


The ranch already has electricity ran a quarter mile into it. At one time, an old homestead was here. All that remains now is an concrete cellar and water well. (The water well is not currently functionable, nor has it ever been inspected.) Evidence of settlers going back as far as the late 1800s can be found here, as there are a couple of old dated tombstones along the river bluff. The homestead in the front would be a good place to set up a deer camp, or for more a scenic view, the hills in the back provide several nice building locations.

The ranch has also been improved with a good interior road system. Gravel has been hauled to wet weather crossings where needed, and the owner even built a bridge over the creek on the north end, using some 30 yards of concrete.


The owner will convey all owned mineral rights at full price. He believes to own 1/3 of the total, but neither he nor broker guaranty or warranty any percentage of minerals to transfer. If desired, the owner will allow a buyer a due diligence period to verify minerals, at buyer’s expense.


$2200/acre, or $693,000 total


To go on a piece of land in the present “100 year” drought and see a river flowing, spring water bubbling in the creek, and an acre large water tank still full, is abnormal and testifies to the true quality of this ranch. It has not been overgrazed; in fact, sub-irrigated green grasses grow along the whole creek bottom.

This is an opportunity to purchase a really unique property, which has proven its worth in both productivity and recreational value. Contact land agent Beau Byars at cell phone (940) 224-3183 to arrange your private tour of this north Texas ranch.

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General Information

  • Sold
  • October, 2011
  • $693,000
  • 315 acres
  • $2,200
  • Hunting
  • Dirt Road
  • Henrietta
  • Texas
  • Clay


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