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Wilbarger County, Texas

17 acres

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Looking for a small tract of land for PAINTBALL? MOTOCROSS? FISHING? or just a piece of ground to call your own?

This seventeen acre tract of land is triangular in shape and sits on the northeast side of Highway 287, between the old Econo Lodge Motel and the railroad tracks. It can be accessed by turning in at the motel or taking Hillcrest Dr. down to the tracks and under the highway bridge.

The land is all native pasture, with tall 30’+ hardwood trees lining its perimeter and flat grassy pasture in the middle. There is a creek wash running through the middle of the property, which channels rain runoff from the surrounding properties and highway ditches towards the Pease River to the east. This wash provides the opportunity for a person to build a large water tank on the land, which could be stocked with fish for a weekend fishing hangout.

The pasture will flood during periods of heavy rain, so it is probably not suitable for building a home on. However, it could be used to build a racetrack for motocross, four-wheelers, etc. The soils are sandy and well-drained, so even after a strong rain, the land will dry up quickly.

The dense trees around the perimeter and brushy pasture make a great place for paintball wars too. Barricades, forts, etc. could be built, and a little shredding and mowing would open up lanes to more easily travel through the property.

Because this tract of land lies within the city limits, it cannot be hunted; but for the wildlife enthusiast, you will find lots of whitetail deer and hogs on the property. Migratory birds, varmits, and other such animals come through here too.

Asking Price: $1750/acre, or $29,750 total

With such easy access and diverse potential use, this would be a great place to set up for youth activities, tinker with on the weekends, or a good start to investing in land! Call land agent Ben Belew at cell phone (940) 357-9940 for more information on this property.

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General Information

  • Sold
  • April, 2014
  • $29,750
  • 17 acres
  • $1,750
  • Ranch
  • Highway
  • Vernon
  • Texas
  • Wilbarger


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